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About Melissa's Paw Spa

Melissa's Paw Spa is an independent organization that was founded by myself in June 2014 and has been in business for over 9 years. After approximately 12 years of experience in the Veterinary field in a multitude of roles including Veterinary Technician, Groomer, and Reception, I pursued the dream of giving pets their own version of a Spa experience. My goal is to provide your furry loved ones with a calming, fun, feel good experience, where they feel refreshed, invigorated, comfortable, happy and wanting to come back for more!

Melissa at her Show TableDog with Handkerchief Around NeckDog with Minnie Mouse CostumeDog in Buzz Lightyear CostumeCat in Woody CostumeCat in Grease Lightning CostumeCat in Little Bo Peep CostumeMelissa with a Good Boy

My credentials include Professional Grooming experience for within a Veterinary Clinic setting along with independent grooming.

Melissa's Paw Spa's services include clipping and bathing specializing in dogs and cats. Breed-specific cuts are available upon request as well as customized requests for preferred looks. Specializing in puppy cuts, Shih Tzu, Poodle (Standard & Miniature), West Highland Terrier, Schnauzer, Yorkshire Terriers, Golden Retrievers and many more. Grooming services and rates include cosmetic additions such as nail trimming and ear cleaning. Lion cuts are also a popular request available for cats of all hair types and lengths. No anesthesia is used during grooming or any cosmetic procedures.

Have your pets feel "Furry & Fabulous" at Melissa's Paw Spa, big or small there's no discrimination at all!